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Ready to test your rail sense?

The goal of our CP RailSense program is to encourage safe behaviour around tracks and trains, and eliminate injuries and fatalities. Play our game to test your knowledge on rail safety, and receive a printable CP RailSense Conductor badge.

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On the street, we know the only safe place to cross is at a marked crosswalk. At train tracks, the only safe place to cross is at a marked railway crossing. A marked railway crossing always has a sign with a large X. Which one of these is NEVER a safe place to cross?

Did you know that you have to be 15 metres or 50 feet away from the tracks, unless you are at a marked railway crossing? This is to keep you safe. Which of these is 15 metres or 50 feet long?

There are lots of safe places to play. Playing on or near trains or train tracks is not safe. You could get hurt. Which of these is a safe place to play?

Trains take a lot longer to stop than a truck or car because they are so big and heavy. It can take a train 1-and-a-half kilometres or 1 mile to stop. How many school buses in a row would equal this distance?

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